leather horse blinder, steel cables, tensioners,            solid brick of lead encased in glass box with airholes,           doorways that turn themselves into gallery “walls”,           grass,       non-archival reproduction of archival photograph of Harry Houdini (1899) held in the Rare Books and Special Collections Division in the United States of America’s Library of Congress, broken frame glass, installed like a Saint, or like a panopticonic eye, or maybe even both.           non-archival photograph of the fate of an un-used concrete slab cast from a wooden form, non-uv protective glass,           non-archival photograph of a lover’s shed socks on the ground, non-uv protective glass,           non-archival facsimile of legal contract between Sydney Josolyne and Ehrich Weiss in 1914 transferring the American rights to the escape/illusion act “Walking Through A Brick Wall”, broken frame glass,           non-archival photograph of text projected onto black-out drapes in a lecture room, non-uv protective glass,           level nailed to the wall slightly off gravity,           cantilever, wood,           red velvet theater curtain just inches above the ground, oxidized copper conduit pipe, solid gold chain necklace,           red velvet theater curtain laid along the floor and climbing the wall (too slowly to witness with the naked eye, but surely), oxidized copper conduit pipe rises up twelve feet tall,           3lb and 7.5lb cast iron weight plates sliced in half (what liars!),          open and vulnerable sandbag containing billions of millions of ka-trillions of grains of sand,           nine feet of mirror which balances it’s bottom-most panel on two claw hammers, gravity,
Adriana Farmiga       Adrienne Rich       Ágnes Berecz       Akilah Toney       Alejo Carpentier        Angela Davis       Angela Watkins       Anna Hostvedt       anyone unnamed but imbedded       Assata Shakur       Aunt Tara       Ava Alesandra       Barbara Chase-Riboud       bell hooks       Bertolt Brecht       Bruce Kleski       Caitlin Cowen       Cristóbal Lehyt       Corinna Ray       Courtney Egan       Daniel Rampulla       Dan Porvin       Ehrich Weiss       Emma Jackson       Erik Whitfield       Ethan Kramer       Eva Rodríguez Langevin       Evelyn Cowen       Félix González-Torres       Fia Backström       Frankie Tsyka       Gabriel       Harold and Buddy       Harrison Tyler       Issac Webb       Izzy Jerome       Jamerry Kim       Jesus De La Cruz       Joe Posnanski       Judith Breinin       Judy Li       Julia Bosson       Kameelah Janan Rasheed       Karen Bloodworth       Kate Kokontis       Kian Mckeown       Kit Nichols       Kourtney Keller       Leslie Hewitt       Leyla Ba       line       Lola Smith       Lucy Raven       Makia Sharpe       Man Who Is A Angel       Marta Lee       Mary Jane Parker       Mason Webb       Matthew Schrader        Maurice Sendak       Max Cowen       Maya Bykuc       Mercy Lindell       Michael Russo       Michel Varisco       Miriam Makeba       Mommee       my Mama Ashley Cowen       Nico Chiat       Nikki Jackson       Nina Simone       Nitaawe Shananaquat Shepherd       Octavia Butler       Omar Berrada       Parvathy Anantnarayan       Paul Ostner       Penelope Styjewski       Phillip Bein       Phlegm       Poppee       Rachel Wolf       Rickey Mathieu       Rikailah Mathieu       Rineke Djikstra       Rosaire Appel       Ross Laycock       Roxy Jamin       Roy Rub       Saidiya Hartman       Sissy       Stevona Elem-Rogers       Tara Menon       Ted Marks       Todd Cowen       Toni Morrison       Travis Haas       Trunks Sims       Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou       Vaughn Lewis       Vivian Bloodworth       Walid Raad       water      Wildriana M. De Jesus Paulino       wind       Yto Barrada       Zaid Arshad       Zarouhie Abdalian
all install documentation images by Frankie Tyska