Jacksun Bein (b. 2002, Louisiana) is interested in subject-object relations, psycho-sexual tropes, and image capture/release. Bein’s work operates as performative networks spanning writing, sculpture, images, and dead/alive/immortal emptiness.
Completing a BFA from The Cooper Union, Jacksun’s thesis uses the mule as an entry-point to the space between subject/object, or body/sculpture (to be exhibited in New York in April 2024). 
Additionally, Bein is working on long term research of American prison museums which investigates invisibility, dictation, and spectacles of the sub-human. The project has focused on the Angola Museum at the Louisiana State Penitentiary (presented in New York in May 2023), evidence and object presentation in NYC criminal court, a tour for the blind at the Eastern State Penitentiary, and most recently: the Ohio State Reformatory’s Paranormal Psychic Convention (presented in New York in February 2024).
image by Matías Alvial